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“I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s
methods and be in business tomorrow”

Nelson Jackson

Providing owners and educators with the tools for success.

Our small team believes in delivering personalised services to our clients.  We come from years of experience in the early education and care industry and take a hands on approach to achieve shared outcomes. We provide tailored short term or ongoing business solutions.


  • Management

    This comprehensive service is ideal for owners who don’t have the time to focus on the day to day management of their service but want to provide a quality service with rewarding results.

  • Consultancy

    Sometimes you just need a little guidance to set you on your way.  Our consultancy services work in partnership with your already established management systems and helps owners and managers to sift their way through the National Quality Framework and many other regulations that govern early education and care.  We specialize in new build consultancy, including plan layout, with over 20 new build projects over the past 10yrs.   Consultancy can be ongoing or short-term depending on your needs.

  • Training

    Definition: Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.

    We take an experienced based approach to share best practise and deliver training which motivates learners.  Training is tailored across a range of topics.  Some of our popular topics include;

    • The National Quality Framework – Compliance and Quality
    • Motivation, Delegation, Organisation
    • Providing Safe Environments
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Reflective Practise – What is reflecting all about?
    • Children’s Learning – Documenting, Implementing, Communicating
  • Compliance

    With so many regulations governing our sector the manager of today has many hats to wear.  We can provide support focusing on compliance across a range of regulations including the Education and Care Services, Workplace Health and Safety, Building Fire Regulations (QLD).

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is a powerful personal development tool used to support and encourage leaders to manage their own learning to maximise outcomes.  We work with leaderships to set goals and use reflective practice to bring out positive change.

  • Leadership

    “True leaders bring out your personal best. They ignite your human potential” ― John Paul Warren

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” — John Quincy Adams

    Our consultants not only provide leadership they work to develop leadership skills in others through consultancy, management and workshops.

  • Workplace, Health & Safety

    While educators primarily focus on providing safe environments for children we must remember the importance of safe workplaces for adults too.   Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity. Though it may cost to implement safe practices and install safety equipment, the effect of not taking action can be severe.

    As a business owner you have responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Laws regarding health and safety in your workplace. You need to ensure that your business doesn’t create health and safety problems for your employees, families or visitors.  We can assist by working with you to identify current practices and provide support to meet your obligations under current legislation.

  • Due Diligence

    Building or purchasing a service is a big step and you want to get it right.  We can assist by investigating and confirming information on your potential investment to reduce the risk of unexpected surprises.


  • Service Policies and Forms

    Good policies based on recognised authorities are the spine of the service.  Our policies and forms are provided in word format allowing you to make changes that meet the needs specific to your service.  They act as an information tool for educators and families by providing background information into the reasons behind the implemented procedures. Download our Policy and Form Order July 2017

The Team

Principal Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist

Darlene Wadham has been in education and care since starting as a Primary School Teacher in 1992. After only a few years Darlene took on the role of Principal of a small school in the Darling Downs and moved to early education and care in the year 2000. She left her role as General Manager of Tadpoles Early Learning Centres and moved to consultancy in 2010. She has previously worked with Maximise Childcare Consultancy and over the years has been heavily involved with the Workforce Council Professional Support Network, Chambers of Commerce and has been a feature writer for Educational Experience’s Healthy Learning Handbook. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Teaching, Diploma of Business (Frontline Management), Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and completed the qualification to be a Workplace Health and Safety Officer under Workplace Health and Safety Qld.

Her passions are empowering educators to make a positive difference in the lives of children and supporting businesses to reach their full potential.

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist

Lee Anning began her career in Education and Care as a Room Educator in 1998, moving on to work in various roles from Centre Director, Operations Manager, Consultancy and Kindergarten Teacher. Lee has a love for inspiring and supporting educators to deliver quality educational programs.

Working in both Private and Community Based services Lee has an in-depth understanding of centre’s needs from both a management and educator perspective. She is passionate about the early years and supporting educators to provide quality programs for children based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. She has had hands on experience with the assessment and rating process under the National Quality Framework and is able to support teams to achieve their best. Lee holds her Diploma in Children’s Services and Bachelor of Education-Early Childhood.

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist

Juanita has been involved in early education and care for over 19yrs having worked in a range of positions including Centre Director and more recently as a senior Operations Manager for the past 5yrs including an OSHC service. Juanita has a passion for curriculum and providing nurturing environments for children, this is balanced with her expertise knowledge of all aspects of compliance and financial management. Juanita has considerable experience with the Assessment and Rating process and brings a wealth of knowledge in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards. She is dedicated to supporting educators to do their best and remain inspired. Juanita has experience with the opening and acquisition of new services. Juanita holds her Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist

Jo is an early childhood consultant who has over 20 years’ experience in various roles inclusive of educator, service manager, operations manager and as a trainer and assessor in a range of Early Childhood settings and School Age Care.
As a consultant Jo has worked with clients, architects and landscapers during pre-design, design development, and application stages of new services. She works with clients to ensure the development meets all relevant legislative requirements as well as those of the Regulatory Authority for Provider and Service Approvals. Once operating, she supports each service to be individualistic, to deliver high quality education and care programs, and has the capacity to operate as a successful business and also experienced with the acquisition of new services.
Jo holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and an Advanced Diploma in Community Services Management. Jo has set up an Early Childhood Training College and her in-depth understanding of the National Quality Framework inclusive of writing the learning materials for Early Childhood Education and Care enables her to customise presentations and training to the needs of your team.
Jo’s greatest aspiration is to invite educators to explore curriculum approaches that truly place the child at the centre of their curriculum.


Corri has been in Early Childhood Education since 1996, starting out as an Assistant Educator before moving through various roles to become a Centre Director. Corri holds her Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood and Education. She joined the Early Childhood sector due to her passion for facilitating the learning and discovery which occurs in early childhood. Corri brings her wealth of experience in early education and care to support services and the Management team in an administrative capacity.

Project Management

Andrew has over 25yrs experience owning and managing small businesses and works with local, interstate and international companies. Andrew holds a Diploma of Project Management and prides himself on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. He enhances our services by providing IT and maintenance support for early education and care services as well as sourcing products and trades for larger projects. Andrew provides a range of IT services including domain registration, web-hosting and email set up..

Darlene Wadham

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist
Telephone: 0488 666 455

Lee Anning

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist
Telephone: 0408 793 992

Juanita Bellhouse

Management Consultant
Early Childhood Specialist
Telephone: 0405 719 999

Andrew Wadham

Project Management
Telephone: 0417 500 996

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